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25.10.2013 06:23 Age: 5 yrs

Scientific award "Water"

Julia Vierheilig receives scientific award of the city of Vienna (special award "Water")


Scientific award of the city of Vienna (special award “Water”) honoured Dipl.-Biol. Julia Vierheilig, PhD student of the Vienna Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems and member of the Interuniversity Cooperation Centre for Water & Health


Dipl.-Biol. Julia Vierheilig (Centre for Water Resource Systems, Vienna University of Technology) received the scientific award of the city of Vienna, special award “Water” (MA22/MA31) on Oct. 28th in an evening ceremony at the Urania, Vienna. The price was awarded for the evaluation of frequently applied, alternative methods concerning the analysis of microbiological water quality. The application possibilities and limits of the investigated methods were demonstrated on the examples of two drinking water catchments of the city of Vienna. The results have significant impact on the future use of these approaches and can thus considerably improve the drinking water management. These studies were realised in the course of the FWF founded “Vienna Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems” and within joint research activities of the Interuniversity Cooperation Centre for Water & Health (ICC Water & Health), a cooperation between the Medical University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology.


The awarded publications are:

- J. Vierheilig, C. Frick, R.E. Mayer, A.K.T. Kirschner, G.H. Reischer, J. Derx, R.L. Mach, R. Sommer, A.H. Farnleitner (2013). Clostridium perfringens Is Not Suitable for the Indication of Fecal Pollution from Ruminant Wildlife but Is Associated with Excreta from Nonherbivorous Animals and Human Sewage. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 79(16): 5089-5092. doi:10.1128/AEM.01396-13.

- J. Vierheilig, A.H. Farnleitner, D. Kollanur, G. Blöschl, G.H. Reischer (2012). High Abundance of Genetic Bacteroidetes Markers for Total Fecal Pollution in Pristine Alpine Soils Suggests Lack in Specificity for Feces. Journal of Microbiological Methods. 88(3): 433-435.


Report and photo of the awarding